Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 228 – Indie Beer Road Trip

Oh Boy! This week were back and we are taking you on an audio Indie Beer Road Trip to the Pacific North West! We are joined by Noah Scoville this week as we get a run down and sampling of some amazing beers from this region of the West. Hear about breweries Mike visited on his trip, a run down of the beer community and tons more on this short and fun episode. Continue reading

Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 227 – Local Brewery Showcase

Oh boy do we have a fun episode this week! Joined by Noah Scoville, this week we do a local brewery showcase of epic size. We dive into history and information on New English Brewing while sampling some of their brand new, super fresh cans. Plus, we break down Media Day at Burgeon Beer while sampling their 2 newest releases. Plus weird beer laws, new can alerts and tons more! Continue reading

Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 226 – Wild Ale Night

The whole crew is back! This week we dive back into our style-centric shows to highlight styles outside of the IPA heavy landscape we live in. This week we focus on Wild Ales! Tune in to learn all about this style as we sample a few great offerings. Plus beer news, New Can Alert, we discuss the seltzer craze, issues with Untappd and tons more! Tune in for a good time, folks! Continue reading

Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 225 – Indie-Pendence Day

Were back! This week Tom is out of the country and keeping his seat warm is extended member of the show Mr Noah Scoville! This week we discuss 4th of July beers, local beer news, new can alerts and the latest edition of Weird Beer Laws! Plus we break down a small brewery showcase and discuss/sample numerous great beers from the new Stave and Nail in San Marcos. Tune in! Continue reading