The Donkeys Ride The Black Wave Right Into Our Hearts

If The Donkeys are not currently in your lineup of favorite San Diego based bands, prepare for them to jump straight to the top of your list with their latest record, Ride The Black Wave – A record that raises the bar for 2014 to a new level of high. Out now on Easy Sound Recording Co., we are excited to share our thoughts with you.



Ride The Black Wave by The Donkeys is an 11-track chill sesh. A 30+ minute vacation for the senses that you can bring with you anywhere you go, and for that alone, we are blessed to have this new record in our lives.

Now, many reviews will state how this record is best played on a sun soaked beach somewhere, and none of them are wrong in saying so. But the record has much more to it than just a “beach album”, and, if you ask me, categorizing it as such would be scratching just the surface.

Ride The Black Wave is layered deep with classic rock elements that span multiple genres and filled with day-dreamy guitar and key mixtures, just a splash of psychedelic indie rock with touching vocal performances and harmonies creating an easy listening experience both fantastic and compelling.

Don’t get me wrong of course the beach vibes are strong throughout the entire record as a whole. This record would fit in as the soundtrack on many occasions including a friend filled beach bonfire, a road trip out west or even just letting your mind drift to a relaxing, happy place after a long day.

Out now on Easy Sound Recording Co., Ride The Black Wave kicks off with the track “Sunny Daze” – A track that embodies everything I have mentioned above. It kicks off with mesmerizing guitar and keys flirting together, and flows seamlessly into a toe tapping summer time tune that will stick in your head for days on end. Loaded with class rock-esque guitar flowing throughout soft vocal melodies and stomping drumbeats.

It is hard to hand pick certain tracks from the record to speak of, because they all have their own timeless majesty.

Track “Bahamas” is another one that I absolutely love. A slow jam that opens with beautiful keys twinkling away, leading the song into an audible dream sequence type scenario. A beautifully relaxing track that showcases what great songwriters The Donkeys can be. “Bahamas” leads to my personal favorite song on the record, “Shines”.

“Shines” opens with an infectious, twangy guitar solo which pairs perfectly with the track and sits in the driver seat throughout, driving the entire fun feel of the song. Dripping with vintage rock and soul mixed with some modern day indie elements, the final track, which turned out to be the most upbeat of the bunch, closes the record leaving you craving more from these San Diego musical masterminds.

All in all, with its wide array of styles from acoustic chill, to vintage 70’s rock n roll all the way down to whimsical modern day indie and hazy beach rock from days long past, Ride The Black Wave is set to be a modern day classic from these songwriters who are obviously at the top of their game. Much like the lyrics say in the final track, “Your love shines”, my love for this record definitely shines and I imagine yours will too.

The record is available NOW and can be purchased HERE or on iTunes.

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