Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 32 – SAVE THE CHE!

In episode 32 we tackle what might be our most important topic to date – The possible closure of the legendary Che Cafe. Tune in and we hold a roundtable discussion with a core member of the Che Cafe and a long time music fan to discuss the future of the venue, and why the preservation of this space is so crucial for San Diego. Don’t miss out on this episode!




On this episode we invite Dan Faughdner, core member of the Che Cafe and long time music fan McHank to a round table discussion about the ongoing situation at the legendary venue The Che Cafe. Tune in to hear about what has been going on behind closed doors at UCSD in regards to the Che Cafe and the voting which could result in the closure of this legendary venue. We talk about the vandalism and sketchy actions that have happened after hours at the venue and the anti-Che sentiment coming down from Administration. We talk in depth about why the Che Cafe is so crucial to San Diego and local music and why it needs to be saved and preserved for the community. We talk about the positive impact of the Che over the years as well as moving forward for San Diego’s music scene and the creative spirit for people of all ages. We discuss how YOU as a listener and community member can help save the legendary venue, and we talk about where things might go next if the worst becomes reality. Tune in for what might be our most important episode to date to learn the fate of a venue that is one of the last of its kind. Plus, hear some of our favorite memories of the Che Cafe, plus an idea that might save us all through the power of partying!

Opening track – “Relax” by Chess Wars. From their debut record, PEACE. Available now.

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Necessary Links for Episode 32
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UCAB (Links to send letters to Save The Che!)

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