Three B Zine Podcast! LIVE from Beer Con 2014 – Available NOW!

Here it is, folks! The official Three B Zine Podcast! LIVE from Beer Con 2014 is now available for your listening pleasure. All 12 podcast sessions from Beer Con 2014 are now live and 100% FREE! Do not miss out on this treasure chest of craft beer knowledge from some great people in the San Diego beer world.



In a perfect world, things would be done perfectly. Happiness would spread like wildfire, people would treat each other with love and respect, someone would change your day with a smile, dogs and cats could live together in harmony and Beer Con podcasts would be edited and posted within 24 hours of the event.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. We live in a world where daily life gets in the way of the things we want to do. We live in a world that is made up of day jobs, family situations and Drive Like Jehu reunion shows. All that being said, the official Three B Zine Beer Con LIVE podcasts took a bit longer than I would have preferred to have them edited and ready to go.

But all that is no longer an issue, for I present to you – Three B Zine Podcast! LIVE at Beer Con 2014! (PLEASE remember these were recorded LIVE on site.)

For those that may be unaware, Three B Zine was invited by Michael Bowen to come and do a live podcast from Beer Con 2014. Overflowing with excitement we jumped at the chance to be a part of this tremendous event. I had taken part in Beer Con 2013 and sat in as a panelist and I can’t express enough what a massive impact the entire experience had on me. From being able to sit on the panel, to meeting new friends that are now some of my most cherished all the way down to all the fantastic learning that took place. As you can understand, being this big of a part of this event meant the world to me.

Fast forward to Beer Con 2014. Three B Zine Podcast, which is typically recorded and released (somewhat) weekly is hosted by yours truly and Dustin Lothspeich. Unfortunately Dustin could not attend the event due to prior commitments, so sitting in for these particular episodes was Tom Pritchard of Hoptology SD. We recorded 12 different podcast sessions, or episodes, at Beer Con with limited breaks in between and we are both pretty excited for you all to hear them.

Within these 12 episodes you will hear sessions from Beer Con guests including, Craft Beer and food expert Dr. Bill Sysak, a session including Shawn DeWitt of Coronado Brewing, Mike Sardina of Societe Brewing and Mike Hess of Mike Hess Brewing all together, Tristan Faulk-Webster of Aztec Brewing, Steve Zigray or Rip Current Brewing, Grant Fraley of ChuckAlek Independent Brewers, Katy Hall from White Labs, Misty Birchall of PubCakes, Angel Miron of Lets Go Clandestino, Charles of BottleTrade plus a few surprise guests throughout the day. You will also hear our Beer Con Wrap Up session including Beer Con organizers Michael Bowen and CraftBeerd’s Rudy Pollorena Jr. with special guest Cesar Torres of Iron Fist. Phew, excuse me while I catch my breath.

Okay… In an effort to keep these 12 episodes from becoming one, large run on episode and in hopes from keeping them clean and less confusing we have decided to do something a little bit different than normal. We have compiled all of these sessions in one easy to find place – Within an album on Bandcamp.

I do plan to release sessions over time on iTunes, the typical way, but I want them all to come out at once to start. Releasing an “album” on Bandcamp gives me the ability to share all of the sessions at once in one, easy, clean place. Plus, it allows you, the listener, to download all or some of the sessions whenever you feel like it. Oh, by the way, did we mention that we did all of this for you, the listener, 100% for free? Pretty awesome right? The entire album, or each session, is free for you to download. BandCamp does give you the option to “Pay What You Want” when downloading. So, if you feel compelled to help us out with all this podcast work, trust me, we appreciate it more than we can ever express.

So there ya go! Three B Zine’s LIVE Beer Con 2014 podcasts are now available. We are grateful and thankful for the opportunity and we are humbled by the outpour of support, kind words and everyone who was willing to take some time to sit with us and make this podcast a complete success. It was an honor to meet, speak with and collaborate with so many great people in one day and we are beyond excited to share our work with all of you.

These podcasts are meant to serve as an extension of the day at Beer Con 2014, by presenting ideas, opinions and a treasure chest of craft beer knowledge to attendees, as well people who couldn’t make it, whether it be in San Diego or across the country.

Please enjoy the entire Three B Zine Podcast LIVE at Beer Con 2014 album – available NOW on Bandcamp

Thank you in advance for your support and for listening.

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