Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 51 – Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Festival

For episode 51 we sit down with the creators and organizers of the fan favorite Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Festival. Tune in to hear us discuss the history of the event as well as the rebirth of one of San Diego’s biggest and best festivals. Plus, we engage in an all out San Diego craft beer conversation. Don’t miss out on this purely beer centric episode!

In episode 51 we sit down with Robert Esparza and Guz Thompson – Creators and organizers of the fan favorite Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Festival returning in 2015 – and take part in an all out craft beer conversation. On a hot evening in March, we sit down with one of San Diego’s favorite session IPA’s by Pizza Port, Ponto SIPA. While sipping we discuss our thoughts on the explosion of session style beers in the world of craft beer and discuss some of our other favorite low ABV session beers. We discuss the news from Stone Brewing retiring certain styles and reinventing them for 2015 and the newest released from them for the craft beer market. We also talk about the business of craft beer regarding variants and special release beers from breweries, the constant search for the best beer you have never had and the growth of beer in San Diego neighborhoods and how more and more are embracing craft. We talk about craft breweries being purchased by the big macro companies and why it has happened and probably will continue. We also discuss both of our guests craft beer journeys including the first beers that changed their lives and how they became passionate about craft beer. We talk about sour beers and some of the great sours coming out of San Diego, including Council, Toolbox, Karl Strauss and Societe. We get deep into the plans behind Mission Valley Craft Beer and Food Festival including its storied history with San Diego beer fans and how it began, a short time off and the return to a new and even better location in 2015. Hear all about the beers and food that will be available to attendees and what guests can expect at MVCBF and why this fest is one of the biggest and best all inclusive fests in San Diego. Plus, hear about the charity which the MVCBF will benefit here in San Diego and why it is important to the organizers of the event. Plus hear about the food available including some specialty offerings plus the live music at the event. All of this plus we discuss the importance of sleeveless tees while partying, Dudley’s bread in Julian and how a loaf never makes it home, how serving beer in a frozen mug is an unauthorized and unacceptable practice and much more. We also sample Horchata Stout and Hop Highway from Belching Beaver.


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