Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 113 – Burgeon Beer Recap


This week we have returned to Burgeon Beer Co in Carlsbad for our recap episode with the Burgeon Crew! Tune in to hear a ton of exclusive and exciting news including release information on their 2 highly anticipated canned beer offerings. Plus hear about some collaborations coming soon, a great partnership that has been formed with a beer bar and much more on this recap episode!

This week we have made our return to one of our favorite spots in San Diego – Burgeon Beer Co – Located in beautiful Carlsbad! In our return we sit down with Derek, Anthony and Matt – Brewers, Owners and Operators of Burgeon Beer to discuss whats new with them and to talk about some exciting news. Tune in to hear all about what is new over at Burgeon Beer and hear what has been happening behind the scenes plus hear some of the things they have learned as brewery owners and operators since their Grand Opening back in January. Hear about a great partnership that was born between Burgeon Beer and a local beer bar and how a specific beer from Burgeon will become a dedicated tap regularly on draft. We also hear some exclusive news based on hour changes which will start in June. Also, hear all about their brewing process and how they achieve their goal for each beer release including details on a couple of new and exciting beers. Hear about their recent collaboration beers with Stone, Monkey Paw and Mother Earth and we discuss their Gold Medal for their collaboration ESB. Also, don’t miss out on news on some upcoming collaborations in the coming months. Of course, we dive head first into big news from Burgeon Beer when we break down all the information on their upcoming can releases! Hear all about how these two beers were chosen, hear the process behind both of the beers plus hear all the information about these cans – When they will be released, price and limits. We also learn what is coming next in cans and how often you might be seeing these cans released. We also break down some of the great things happening on can release day, and we talk about the greatness behind specialty canned releases. Also hear news on what the coming months hold for our friends at Burgeon including events and growth. Plus, we dive into the mailbag when we Get Social! All this plus much more including male modeling, reserved parking spaces, filling in as bouncers, camping and cooking breakfast in beer lines and more!


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