Three B Zine Podcast Episode 131 – Foiled Yet Again


Beer Night in San Diego returns and this week we dive into our wildest theme yet – Foil Top Beers! Tune in as we sample multiple styles while we discuss big news in San Diego beer, we discuss a listeners email requesting a topic, we play Fact of Fiction and more in this short (part 1) episode for this week! Tune in to laugh and learn with us, folks!

Beer Night in San Diego returns and this week we are featuring maybe our weirdest theme yet – All Foil Top beers! Which can literally mean anything. Tune in to hear us break down multiple styles from both local and non local breweries. Of course we also break down the biggest news in San Diego beer from the last week and give our thoughts, plus we discuss our thoughts on some of the “backlash” that came from the news. We also discuss our thoughts on and the safety concerns with wax topped beers thanks to a listeners recommendation. Plus, don’t miss out on a brand new “fun” edition of Fact or Fiction and we dive into the social media mailbag as we Get Social. All this plus much more including possibly a new Patreon prize, one of our hosts enjoys a learning moment from the show, kidney stone beers, a certain host tries to bamboozle the guys during the IPA-Hiatus with a tricky beer and much more! This weeks episode is much shorter than normal due to a special “Podcast Event” recording directly afterwards. Keep an eye out this week for a special Overtime Episode of Three B Zine!

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