Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 141 – Collabapalooza LIVE!

This week we are coming to you LIVE from Collabapalooza hosted by the great Karl Strauss! Tune in as we sit down with some great folks from the San Diego Beer Community to discuss Beer Week, the climate of San Diego Beer, their thoughts on the spirit of collaboration and we sample some of the great one off collab beers together. All this plus TONS more this week! Don’t miss it!

This week we are coming to you LIVE from the close out of San Diego Beer Week event hosted by the great Karl Strauss – Collabapalooza! Tune in as we sit down with a few great guests from the event and sample some of the one off and rare collaboration beers being served throughout the day. For starters, we sit down for some Tier 1 Friendship with Mr. Cesar Torres of Fall Brewing. We sample their collab beer and get his thoughts on San Diego Beer Week. Plus, hear how he found himself at Fall Brewing, hear some of the awesome things coming from Fall as well as his thoughts on the current climate of beer in San Diego. We are also joined by a special surprise guest during this session, Doug Pominville of Thorn Brewing – Hear whats new with Thorn Brewing as well as his thoughts on the San Diego Beer Community. Next we sit down with Robert Masterson and Craig Nelson from the great Resident Brewing. We discuss Beer Week in general and which collab beers they produced for this specific event and sample them live on the show. Also hear about more upcoming collaboration beers coming from Resident in the future as well as some exclusive news on the upcoming newest edition of their barrel aged saison. Also hear about the possibility of the award winning Barleywine coming out from Resident Brewing. Nest up we are joined by Melissa Sanchez Brewer for Karl Strauss and Marketing Specialist for Karl Brian Skarin. Hear how Melissa got started in the world of brewing & how she found her way to the great Karl Strauss. Hear how Collabapalooza came to be and the possible future of the event during Beer Week. Plus hear about the new Holiday Triple IPA and more great things coming from Karl Strauss. Lastly we are joined by good friend Rudy Pollorena AKA Craft Beerd. Hear about his thoughts on Beer Week as well as some of the beers he has been enjoying most lately. Also hear whats new with Craft Beerd, hear about his recent Kickstarter for Hop Stash and his thoughts on the outcome as well as what the future might hold for Craft Beerd, Hop Stash, Beer Art and more. All this plus TONS more! ***Heads up, there is some background noise. Collabapalooza was a party – Stick with us, folks.***

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