Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 142 – Friendsgiving

Beer Night in San Diego is back just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving! To celebrate we are hosting a Friendsgiving Episode – Sharing beers on the show given to us from friends and listeners. We also break down our recent Collaboration Brew Day with Burgeon Beer, we break down some news stories and tons more! Don’t miss out on a Thanksgiving Themed anything goes episodes full of fun!

Beer Night in San Diego Returns and this week we are celebrating Thanksgiving by hosting a Friendsgiving Episode! We are breaking our IPA hiatus to share beers giving to us and shared to us from friends and listeners. While sampling these great beers also hear all about our official collaboration brew day over at Burgeon Beer for the upcoming collaboration beer Juice Montana. Hear about the production of our first ever Collaboration Beer our thoughts on the day and some of the things we took away from a day in the brew house. We also dive into NEWS to discuss a brewer departing San Diego as well as a brewer coming BACK to San Diego. We also discuss the brewery who is currently suing White Labs and we discuss what is happening and our thoughts on the story. We also discuss a local brewery posting to apologize/explain why a new beer isn’t quite “hazy enough” for consumers. We discuss our thoughts on this happening, why it happened and if it was necessary. All this plus much more including hop gravy for Thanksgiving, we hire a lawyer for things said now and for in the future, there is some fighting over Thanksgiving foods, transferring our show to a Columbia House-Style subscription, lobster rolls and much, much more. Happy Thanksgiving, folks.

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