Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 148 – 2017 Three B Awards Part 2


Beer Night in San Diego is back for the final episode of 2017! This week we are joined again by the mystical Ian Cheesman to continue our break down of our favorite things from 2017 – Three B Awards Part 2! Hear us break down many categories including 2017 MVP, MVB, Best Beers in numerous categories, Best Newcomer and Best Overall Brewery. Plus, tons more! Don’t miss this one, friends!

Beer Night in San Diego is back, folks! This week is Part 2 of our 2017 Wrap Up episode – The first annual Three B Awards! We are once again joined by the mystical Mr. Ian Cheesman to celebrate the great things of 2017. We continue down the path started last week, discussing our own created topics. This week were dive into – Most Underrated Brewery of 2017. We also break down our 2017 MVP – Most Valuable Person – for local, San Diego beer. Next, we break down our picks for MVB – Most Valuable BREWERY of the year. The brewery we felt made a huge splash in San Diego local beer in 2017. To finish off the episode we dive into our big topics starting with Beer of the Year in the Hazy IPA Category. Followed by Beer of the Year IPA Clear and Beer of the Year NON-IPA categories. To finish off the show we dive into the categories Best Newcomer (brewery) of 2017 and Best Overall Brewery in 2017. All this plus much more including, extreme end of the year partying, cast members have a love fest over each other, a couple of very special beers are opened and shared between the gang, Ian reveals his life long dream, we discuss the upcoming burst of local “pastry stouts”, beer over cereal, hear a full list of new breweries of 2017 and also the places we have lost in 2017. A local brewery/bar owner is compared to Batman and so much more. Thank you to all of you for listening and tuning in this year. We appreciate each and every one of you so much and we look forward to another huge year with you guys by our side. Thanks, friends!

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