Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 150 – Tomme Arthur of Lost Abbey

Its our 150th Episode! To celebrate #150 we are beyond excited to sit down with Tomme Arthur and Adam Martinez of Lost Abbey, Port Brewing and the Hop Concept. Tune in to hear Tomme-a true legend in beer-break down some of his brewing history and give us an insight on his roots, what inspired him to push the boundaries of brewing and get a true San Diego Beer History Lesson plus tons more.

This week we celebrate the 150th Beer Night in San Diego episode! To celebrate we could not be more excited to sit down with the one and only Tomme Arthur of Lost Abbey, Port Brewing and the Hop Concept as well as good friend Adam Martinez – Director of Media and Marketing for the mentioned brands. We discuss a ton of things on this weeks episode, we start of discussing some of Tomme’s history in brewing from the beginning up until where we are today. Hear how he started brewing, fell in love with the art of brewing and a get a great San Diego Beer History lesson along the way. Also hear about the first brewery he worked for and how they brought home the second ever Gold Medal from GABF. Hear stories from the beginning days of San Diego beer and some of the biggest changes Tomme has noticed as the community has evolved and some of his thoughts on the things happening in the beer community in recent years. Hear about the early days of barrel aging beers at Pizza Port, how they made it happen and some of the wildest beers Tomme made back then. Also, hear stories about meeting Michael Jackson (legendary beer writer) showing him his beers and also get some insight on the reception of the early barrel aged beers Tomme ever brewed. We also discuss the production of Veritas and what is coming for this beer in the future while we also get a breakdown of the production process. Also, hear a break down of some of Lost Abbey’s most sought after beers including inspiration behind the creation, brewing process and more. Hear how the Hop Concept was created and the thoughts behind each of the beers they have released and hear some news on the first ever Hop Concept cans and when they will hit the market plus news on the latest Hop Concept release coming soon. Also, hear some big news regarding expansion, growth and a new patio coming to the Lost Abbey plus what else we can look forward to in the coming year. All this plus much more including the story behind the Nelson the Greeter beer and can design, some of the first beers both Tomme and Adam both loved, really cool parents, some Port and Lost Abbey beers that came out of the early Pizza Port days, Tomme and Adam’s thoughts on some specific hot styles on the market currently, aging Santa Little Helper and so, so much more! This is one you do not want to miss, folks. Tune in!

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