Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 152 – Brewbies and Bagby Beer Part 2

Don’t miss Part 2 of our Annual Podcast with the great folks from Brewbies, Keep a Breast and Bagby Beer! This week, a continuation of last week, kicks off right where we left off, folks. Tune in to hear MORE great/exclusive news from Brewbies, plus hear about some of the incredible things happening at Bagby Beer in 2018. All this plus tons more. Definitely don’t miss out on this incredible finale, folks!

Part 2 of our Annual Podcast with the great folks of Brewbies, Keep a Breast and Bagby Beer is here! We are joined again by Melanie Pierce, Dande Bagby and Shaney Jo to discuss all things Brewbies as well as the great new things happening at Bagby Beer. We open the show discussing and breaking down a bunch of the beers that will be poured in the VIP area at Brewbies 2018. Also get a break down of the Brewbies Raffle as well as some exclusive news on the upcoming Pink Beer Competition which will go down at Brewbies 2018. Also, for this part of the show we dive into the new things happening at Bagby Beer in Oceanside. Tune in to hear about a new chef in the kitchen and some of the new food items being offered. We also discuss the sadness over the loss of the Bagby Burger. Also, hear about their brand new brunch menu being offered and their thought/approach to brunch for hungry locals. Also, hear Bagby’s approach to being environmentally friendly for their products in the brewery and restaurant and how they want to work with others to be the same around San Diego. Hear about Bagby’s win at GABF in 2017 and we discuss non-hoppy styles winning awards on the big stage of GABF. We also discuss the Beer Leaders Brew Day and how you can be a part of an upcoming brew day at Bagby Beer. Also, hear about some of the other great things coming from Bagby Beer in the coming year. Also, to commemorate our yearly podcast Tom brings a nice cake to share with our guests. All this plus much more including bobbing for corndogs, hanging chads, running around in banana suits, some “coffee talk” occurs, a horrifying brunch story is told, we stand up for and discuss Womens health and rights and how men can play a part in supporting women, hear about a pants museum and hear about a new charitable action happening at Bagby Beer and how you can help folks locally. Don’t miss out, folks!

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