Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 160 – Thr3e Punk Ales

Beer Night in San Diego returns and this week we are coming to you live from Thr3e Punk Ales in Chula Vista. Tune in as we take a guided tasting of (most) of their beer lineup with Steve, Kevin, John and Ivan. Hear a detailed description of each and the approach to their beer releases. Also, hear about new upcoming collaborations, upcoming events and tons more from our favorite punks.

Beer Night in San Diego is back and this week we are joined by the entire team down at Thr3e Punk Ales in Chula Vista – Steve, Kevin, John and Ivan. Tune in this week as we learn all about whats going on and new with our friends at Thr3e Punk Ales. As of recording this episode they had 18 beers on tap so tune in as we take a guided tasting tour through most of them (from light to dark to hoppy) and learn about each beer, the motivation and story behind each as well as in depth tasting notes from the folks who created them. Plus, hear a deep discussion on their approach to all of their beers. We also hear about some collaborations happening both in town as well as across the border with small, local Mexico breweries. We also hear about the Punks entering beers into World Beer Cup and the motivation behind wanting to enter professional beer competitions. We also get the Punk’s thoughts on out of state media being critical of U.S. breweries making Mexican Lagers which leads to a bit of a history lesson on the style. We also discuss the possibility of seeing Three Punks beer in cans in the future as well as the story of their beer being available in the Sports Arena. Also, get their thoughts on why South Bay and Chula Vista has been thriving in the current beer climate. Plus hear about some of their events coming up in the near future and tons more from San Diego’s favorite punks. All this plus much more including us apologizing for making a mistake, N64 Sleepover parties, loving Morrissey, hear their thoughts on brewing hazy beers as well as the new trend glitter beers, fun new beer names, a Thr3e Punks Burrito is coming, nitro vs c02 talk, a Swayze love fest occurs and tons more on this absolutely fun hang out beer episode.

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