Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 162 – Quad Night in San Diego

Beer Night in San Diego is here! This week we are back focusing on style specific episodes and on this show its all about the Quads! Tune in as we sample numerous Quads and break down the style, history and much more. Plus, hear some insane news about Green Flash and Alpine, plus we break down some of the other big stories in San Diego beer. Also, Fact or Fiction LIVE! Tune in, folks!

Beer Night in San Diego is back! This week the IPA Hiatus is back meaning we are focusing on a specific style. So in an attempt to continue education on styles for both ourselves and you the listeners, don’t miss out while we focus on Quads all night long! Tune in as we sample some traditional quads as well as a couple local offerings. Plus, learn some of the history of this style, food pairings and tons more. Also, we dive into some of the local beer news happening in San Diego. First, we scrapped our first story (which was based on Green Flash) and an emergency news segment was recorded and spliced into this episode after the fact to discuss the earth shattering news about Green Flash and Alpine being sold to a new investment group. Hear all the news (released so far) on this tragic and terrible news. More news follows, including information on the upcoming brewery Latchkey Brewing including who is heading up beer operations and more. Plus hear all about Council’s new location and their expansion into Santee. We also discuss Burning Beard and their 2nd Anniversary as well as plans to open a new warehouse just for wild ales and some of their plans. Also, hear all about a new brewery and restaurant that will be owned by New Zealand folks and some great beers that we may see and we also break down plans for a new family friendly location taking over a long abandoned building in the heart of South Park San Diego. Plus, don’t miss our latest version of Fact or Fiction LIVE! All this plus much more including Mike debuting a new Pasta themed t shirt and hates it, discussion on traveling to breweries in Belgium, doing an exorcism on old breweries, difficulty opening in RB, how Tom ferments beers, family friendly location discussion and so much more. Don’t miss it!

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