Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 164 – Craft Beerd Night In San Diego


Don’t miss an all new edition of Beer Night in San Diego! This week we are joined by the one and only Rudy Pollorena Jr – AKA Craft Beerd. Tune in as we dive deep into the history and story of Craft Beerd, hear the story of Hop Stash and why it ended and also get an inside look at the future of his work. Also, hear all about his 5th Anniversary+the Collab IPA with Burgeon Beer and so much more.

This week joining us for Beer Night in San Diego is Mr. Rudy Pollorena Jr himself – AKA Craft Beerd. Tune in as we dive deep to tell his entire story from idea, to execution to where we are today. We break down how he found himself in moving back to San Diego and entrenched in the local beer community and hear how Craft Beerd grew organically to fill a growing demand for high quality beer art shirts, prints and more. Hear the detailed story on the classic “Matrix” design and how it propelled Craft Beerd into the heart of the local beer community. Hear also how the brand was able to expand outside of San Diego to other markets. Plus, hear all about the Hop Stash brand from idea to Kickstarter, and hear the story of why Rudy ended the project. Plus, hear the thought process on why he ended the project as well as the thoughts and feelings in weeks to come after the project ended. And looking towards the future, hear about what is to come from Craft Beerd including a new art brand and hear the inspiration behind this new brand. Also, hear about some other new things Rudy will be working on, including publishing a book and more. We also dive deep into the Craft Beerd 5th Anniversary happening April 21st and we also learn all about the collaboration beer that will be released in cans with Burgeon Beer in Carlsbad. Hear about the recipe, inspiration for the beer as well as the exciting art which was created for the cans and upcoming anniversary tee shirt. Plus, hear some advice Rudy wants to share with folks looking to start a small business. All this plus much more including thoughts on local cans and their designs, video game references and using video games to decompress, Rudy’s thoughts on other growing beer cities, bad gift shop style tees, Nelson hopped beers in San Diego, Rudy’s favorite festivals and tons more. This week we sample beers from Stillwater, Abnormal, Pizza Port X Three Floyds, Fall Brewing and Port Brewing.

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