Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 171 – Pale Ale Night

Beer Night in San Diego is BACK! This week we are joined by the social media/baseball writer & podcast legend @HJPreller on twitter. Tune in as together we host Pale Ale Night in San Diego. We learn all about history of Pale Ales while sampling local options. We also discuss our recent brew day, an out of town brewery now in San Diego, baseball and beer plus tons more. Dont miss it, folks!

Beer Night in San Diego is back! Everyones favorite night! This week we dive into the style bag and the pre-chosen focus for this weeks episode – American Pale Ales. Joining us for Pale Ale night in San Diego is the one and only Mr. @HJPreller – baseball social media legend, baseball writer and part of the Gwynntelligence Podcast. Together, we break down the style information on American Pale Ales and we crack open “traditional” and local pale ales. Hear the history, food pairings and much more of this amazing style of beer. While sampling we learn more about our guest and his history in baseball and beer, his thoughts on local sports especially baseball, the “golden age of Padres podcasts” and some of his current local favorite breweries. We also break down our recent collaboration brew day with our friends at Bear Roots Brewing in Vista. Hear about the day, about the upcoming beer and when you will be able to drink it. We also discuss the recent drop of the Alchemist beers in San Diego, and why a small subset of folks are throwing shade at these beers and the folks excited to try them. Also hear all about local pale ales available for you to pick up and we dive into some upcoming can releases with a New Can Alert! To finish off the show we dive into a brand new edition of Would You Rather? All this plus much more including a lot of beer and baseball discussion including selection at Petco Park, revisiting classic beers, being harassed for drinking session beers, podcasts taking over for AM talk radio, breweries at Petco – does it make sense for local companies? Hear about the 80 beers club at a local establishment, the wave and beachballs at games and tons more on this super sized, a little long episode loaded with beer knowledge and entertainment.

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