Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 172 – For Whom the Beer Pours

Everyones favorite night is back – Beer Night in San Diego! This week we turn back the clock and focus on beers the old school way-Free Form! We sample new beers both locally and from other beer cities while we discuss some big news regarding local food and local beer. Plus we break down some fun talking points including beer at sports games, enjoying local food and tons more SD beer conversation.


Everyones favorite night is back – Beer Night in San Diego! This week we throw it back old school with a “free form” style show, meaning we lift the IPA Hiatus and each of us brought something new to share with the other hosts. We sample some great new local beers as well as some fantastic beers from our friends to the north in Santa Barbara. Plus, hear all about one hosts trip to Santa Barbara and enjoying the beer scene in the region. We also dive into some big local beer and local food news. First, hear the breaking news and some info on the announcement of a local brewery selling a brand it acquired less than a year ago. We also discuss a new brewery moving into an older location in El Cajon. We also discuss Mason Ale Works kingdom in San Diego growing yet again with a new location now open. Plus, we discuss the final word from the TTB regarding legalized marijuana in craft beer for those still wondering. You will also learn about two local breweries who recently picked up crowler machines. Also, hear news about Petco Park and some changes in the way they sell beer to fans. Plus, some local food news including a new amazing ramen spot opening in North County, the brains and talent behind Carnitas Snack Shack are expanding their reach, a new rolled taco only joint is opening in North Park, we also discuss the upcoming Windmill Food Hall in Carlsbad and what to expect and we break down some of the insane food coming to this years San Diego County Fair.
All this plus much more including kale poisoning, double cheese, some quick taco talk, aggressive pours of clear IPA, pizza for every meal, tanning and staying out of the sun, building a charcuterie room, we discuss our dislike of sharing plates, thoughts on beer service at Petco and tons more.

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