Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 189 – 2nd Annual Brewery Draft Show


Not only is it Beer Night in San Diego – Its also Draft Night in San Diego! Tune in as 8 teams battle it out to draft their teams representing some of the best in San Diego Independent Beer! Hear the draft unfold in all its glory (including some trash talk) and learn how YOU can swing the vote for the best team overall. This is one show you cant miss, and next week – the Results Show!

Not only is it Beer Night in San Diego, its also Draft Night in San Diego! This episode marks our 2nd Annual San Diego Brewery Draft! Do not miss out as this years San Diego Brewery Draft is bigger and better than ever! Not only are the hosts involved, we invited in 4 special guests to sit in and draft their own brewery teams this year – Bryan Broussard, Roger Smith, Chris from Growler Hour and Chris AKA Average Beer Dude. The draft is overseen by judge, jury and executioner – Commissioner Cheesman (Ian Cheesman.) Tune in as these 8 titans battle it out for eternal glory – or eternal SHAME! Each team will draft 7 rounds totally a team of 7 local independent breweries. At the end, YOU will choose the winner! The overall winner will receive a special prized bottle of beer for eternal Instagram glory, and the overall loser with the lowest votes cast by YOU the listeners will be PUNISHED on next weeks show. (All details on the episode.) Don’t miss out as we battle each other for top picks, steal picks from other teams and all the fighting, fun and trash talk in between. Recorded LIVE at Pizza Port Bressi Ranch – The official home of the 2018 San Diego Brewery Draft!
All this plus much more including trash talking, drinking some great local beers, controversial opinions and tons more. This is one fun episode you can’t miss, and do not forget to VOTE!!!!

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