Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 198 – Bearded Lion Brewing


Beer Night in San Diego is back! After 2 live shows and a holiday break – We are back in the studio this week with 2 of the 3 gentlemen from home brew powerhouse Bearded Lion Brewing Company. Tune in as we discuss their history in beer and how they got to the world of homebrewing. Plus, we celebrate a new brewery with a Small Brewery Showcase, discuss news and tons more!

Beer Night in San Diego is BACK after the holiday week. This week we are back in the studio and we are joined by 2 of the 3 gentlemen behind the home brewing group Bearded Lion Brewing Company – Christos and John. Tune in as we sit down with the boys and get to know them a bit more while sampling some of their awesome hand crafted beers. Hear all about how they got their start in brewing, what beers turned them on to the world of brewing and some tips for aspiring home brewers out there. Also, we dive into a couple news stories and we discuss a couple of fun events coming soon. Plus, don’t miss out on an impromptu Small Brewery Showcase as we feature the newest brewery in San Diego – Helia Brewing Company. We also dive in to a couple out of town beers brought back from some road trips. Plus, don’t miss out on a brand new challenge between two members of the show, and learn how you can pick a winner and get a chance to win a free t shirt from our webstore. All this plus much more including holiday beer breakdowns, Christmas ales, some LOST discussion, everyone needs a burrito friend, learn a bit of the BJCP judging process, we have a table divided over a specific bottle of beer, Thanksgiving leftovers and tons more.

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