Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 206 – Melanie Pierce of Brewbies Fest

We are so stoked to be back at Bagby Beer for our favorite episode of every year, our Annual Brewbies Festival episode with Melanie Pierce – Creator of Brewbies! Tune in to hear all the great things happening at the 10th Annual Brewbies happening Feb 9th. Lots of great information about health, history of the fest and of course the BEERS! Plus, dont miss a BIG exclusive announcement!

This week we are back with one of our favorite shows of every year, our Annual Brewbies Festival Episode with the one and only Melanie Pierce! Recorded at Bagby Beer in Oceanside. Tune in as we discuss all the great things happening at the 10th Annual Brewbies Festival happening Saturday February 9th at Bagby Beer. Hear all about how this festival raises so much money for Keep A Breast, who works to support and teach young people about their health. Hear the history of Brewbies and how it came from a fun idea at GABF to one of if not the best beer festival occurring in multiple cities. Also, hear a big Beer Night Exclusive announcement about the continued growth of Brewbies. We also break down the breweries in attendance including some head turning out of town breweries and some of the amazing beers that will be poured. And of course, get a break down of some of the one off specialty Pink Beers which will be pouring and get an in depth look at some of the pink beer brew days which Melanie and Dande Bagby took part in. We also mentions some of the new rad things happening with Bagby Beer you can all be super stoked about. All this plus much more including boring Super Bowls, lovable dog talk, Flagship February and why we feel its important, donating money to tattoo a Beer Night host, how you at home can be on top of your health, ridiculous fake names, finding your own items on eBay, White Castle vs Del Taco and TONS more fun. Don’t miss easily our favorite episode of each and every year about easily the best beer festival of the year.

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