Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 207 – Pariah Brewing Co

Beer Night in San Diego is BACK! This week we could not be more thrilled to sit down with the great Brian and Christa Mitchell of Pariah Brewing in North Park. Tune in as we discuss their recent anniversary, the great beers released to celebrate and much more. Their approach to beers, distro thoughts and plans, plus a couple of BNSID EXCLUSIVE announcements! Tune in, folks!


Beer Night in San Diego is BACK! This week we are so stoked to be joined by the great Brian and Christa Mitchell of Pariah Brewing Co in North Park. Pariah is just coming off of their 2nd Anniversary which saw a weekend filled with new and return favorite beer releases. Tune in as we get a guided tasting through these latest releases as well as a more of their great offerings. We dive into Pariah’s approach to both their hazy offerings as well as their entire beer line up. We also get an inside look at what Pariah has learned as business owners in the first two years and their outlook on marketing their brand. We also get a break down on the Resilience IPA and how the opportunity presented itself and hear an in-depth discussion on the recipe itself. We also learn about Pariah’s approach and thoughts on distro for their canned beer offerings and some insight on the future of their distro plans. We also get their take on the neighborhood of North Park in regards to saturation and the changes that are occurring in the neighborhood. Plus, don’t miss out on multiple EXCLUSIVE announcements from Pariah Brewing Co. All this plus much more including can people tell the difference on special releases year after year, the odd world of Instagram beer culture, the first ever Capri Sun style pouch beers, bringing back the IBU wars as well as younger drinkers vs veteran drinkers and the difference in beer availability now vs 10 years ago, learning the roots of beer, can pack prices, International Women’s Brew Day discussion, Brewery Igniter talk and so much more. Tune in to laugh AND learn with us!

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