Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 221 – Barleywine Night

Hey-o! Were back and celebrating the beginning of Beer Nights of Summer here in San Diego! This week we are joined by Noah Scoville to dive into another style show. This weeks focus – Barleywine! Tune in as we sample a few different versions while discussing news and New Can Alerts PLUS the return of a fan favorite segment and we introduce a brand new segment. Tune in!

Summer time is here, and we are gearing up for the Beer Nights of Summer series of shows. To kick off Summer, we are joined by none other than good friend and extended member of the show Noah Scoville to celebrate Barleywine Night! Tune in to hear all about the history of Barleywines while we sample multiple variations of the style including English, American and Barrel Aged. Plus, we break down some beer community news, New Can Alert, Noah presents a brand new segment to the show called “Weird Beer Laws” where we discuss off the wall laws around our favorite beverage and don’t miss the return of the fan favorite game Fact or Fiction! Plus hear whats new with Noah including his monthly bottle shares and some exciting life news for our dear friend. All this plus SO much more including discussion on Waterworld, typing in wingdings for notes, the cult like following for an under rated beer style, missing a train because of Barleywine, members of the 5 Familes of Craft Beer, discussion on blending beers, beer steel cage matches, Mike’s American Gladiators personality, how many Texas references can we name in 5 seconds, weird Pee Wee Herman references and TONS more! Beer Nights of Summer are here – strap in and join us for lots of beer education and lots of laughs.

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