Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 226 – Wild Ale Night

The whole crew is back! This week we dive back into our style-centric shows to highlight styles outside of the IPA heavy landscape we live in. This week we focus on Wild Ales! Tune in to learn all about this style as we sample a few great offerings. Plus beer news, New Can Alert, we discuss the seltzer craze, issues with Untappd and tons more! Tune in for a good time, folks!

The boys are back in town! Tom has returned from his vacation just in time for us to dive back into our style centric shows. For those that don’t know, we do our style specific shows as a way to shed light on beer styles that are not IPAs in this IPA heavy community. So don’t miss out as we celebrate Wild Ale Night! Tune in as we learn all about what wild ales are, some history on these beers and we sample a couple great representations of the style. Plus hear a break down of Tom’s trip to Portugal and some of the great food and beer he tried on the trip. Also, don’t miss out on this week beer news breakdown, New Can Alerts and tons more. Plus, don’t miss out as we discuss the hard seltzer phenomenon hitting the US and we sample our first one on the show, and we break down a serious Untappd dilemma and how some users are clearly missing out on quality beers based on user ratings. All this plus much more including Cod Talk, Mike brings a gift to the studio, Turko and his hair, making beer low calorie, we stomp on the idea of “girl vs guy” beers and tons more. Guaranteed you learn and laugh this week or your money back.

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