Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 231 – Showcase Show and Exclusive News

Oh Boy this weeks show is a doozy! Tune in this week for a sort of 2-for-1 episode. First half of the show we sit down with Cesar Torres for an in-depth conversation where he reveals some exclusive news about some things happening with him moving into the future. Part 2, we host a Small Brewery Showcase with a local, North County brewery. This is one not to miss, so tune in NOW!

This week we are so excited because we are releasing sort of a two for one episode. This weeks show starts off with an exclusive announcement and conversation with good friend of the show Mr. Cesar Torres. Together we discuss whats new with him and hear him reveal some 100% exclusive news about some things happening with him. The second part of the show, we are finishing up some business from last weeks episode which unfortunately got pushed back a week, meaning this week we dive into a Small Brewery Showcase episode. Dont miss out as we sample and discuss some history on the North County Powerhouse Brewery – Booze Brothers! We also discuss the massive growth of beer in East Village and what that may hold for the future of the still growing area as well as some growth happening in Escondido as well. Plus, don’t miss out as we sample a couple fun out of town beers including one that opens up some discussion on how breweries should handle “touchy” topics. All this plus much more including discussing some old school fun gums, using beer for cooking and how our hosts have used great beers for bbq and cooking in the past and what beers work for home made bbq sauces, Hannibal Lector shows up for a taste, we get a break down of one of our hosts fun summer beer adventures, we discuss the coming of Oktoberfest beers and tons more. Don’t miss out on this short and sweet local beer podcast from the first and longest running beer podcast in San Diego!

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