Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 246 – Pint Night!

Hey Now! We are back this week and thanks to a suggestion on last weeks show were changing the format a bit – This week we host Pint Night! Tune in as we do full pours all night while we discuss news, upcoming can alerts and TONS more absolute fun. Tune in today!

This week we are changing things up in the BNISD Studios thanks to an idea from last weeks show – Its Pint Night folks! Unlike our regular shows where we do small tasters and samples, we dive into full pours of our beer offerings. To go along with this new format we tackle the new Holiday Pack of IPAs from DogFish Head including 2 box exclusive offerings. We also dive into a couple newer cans released in San Diego. We sample these beers while we break down WHY anyone wanted to do full pours on the show and our tactics when visiting new breweries. We also get a break down of some less than fun Thanksgiving experiences this holiday season. Plus, don’t miss this weeks News segment as well as a new edition of New Can Alert. All this plus much more including just saying NO to situational beer, people still oddly being afraid of beer in cans, buying NERF guns, the return of classic IPAs, we gush big time over great biscuits and a shout out to a brewery standing up for locals in a rough time. All this plus tons more, don’t miss out!

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