Episode 250 – Z Style Brewing and Nor Cal Beer Showcase

Oh Yeah! We’re back this week and we are joined by long time friend of the show and established/great home brewer David Zivkovich of Z Style Brewing. Tune in as we break down home brewing, tips and advice, we sample some new to us beers and more. Plus, we showcase some beers from up North plus NEWS!

Tonight we are joined by a longtime friend of the show an established home brewer and beer fan David Zivkovich – Operator and Home Brewer for Z Style Brewing. Tune in as we sit down and sample a couple of his beer offerings and we learn his beer journey from beer fan to home brewer. We learn all about the beers that inspired him, his approach to brewing beers, canning home brewed beers in the garage, growing hops at home for your own beers, a special beer brewed for a well known local band and learn some tips and tricks on how to get into the home brewing game by someone who does it. Also, we dive into some beers from Northern California and the Bay Area that were brought back for the show and discuss our thoughts on these new to us beers. While sampling this week tune in as we break down some of the top news stories happening around San Diego’s beer community. All this plus much more including hoping for a return to Black IPAs and other lesser appreciated styles, we discuss the good ol days in local beer and talk about some long lost beers we used to drink, the pros of competitions, beer pricing at sporting events, cold pizza rolls, Koala bears and much more. Tune in for a great time discussing home brewing, sharing new beers and tons more. Hey Now!

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