Episode 251 – Bring The Ruckus 2

This week things get wild as we discuss the things we hope to see change/continue in 2020 in the world of craft beer. Opinions fly but all with peace and love. Plus we sample new beers, break down some news and dive into our first New Can segment of the year. Tune in to laugh and learn with us.

Tune in this week as we truly bring the ruckus to the world of beer podcasting. Quite possibly our most extreme and raucous episode since the episode when we started the #IndieBeer movement in town. This week we break down our thoughts on the beer community headed into 2020 and provide some of the things we would like to see happen, or stop happening and change for the success of the community as a whole and well…opinions are shared. Plus don’t miss out as we discuss a couple local beer news stories, we dive into the first New Can segment of 2020 all while sampling some amazing “New To Us” beers on the show. The theme this week – New Beers to be shared. All this plus much more including a thing we can’t talk about, the dreaded C-60 malt (oh no!), we discuss Triple IPA season and discuss some local Triple IPAs to keep an eye out for, Day One beers, out of market beers in local beer shops, appreciating classic styles, best frites in town, a host almost dies mid show and tons more. Remember, this episode we come with peace and love for all. Tune in to laugh, learn and have a fun time with us.

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