Episode 255 – Beer Night Rewind Indie Beer

This week we bring you an episode we have never done before – Beer Night Rewind! Tune in as we take you all the way back to November 2015 an re release Episode 70! This is the episode where our show coined Indie Beer (or #IndieBeer.) Most of you have NOT heard this episode – so tune in for a piece of our show history from our library – an episode that we think helped shape the local community.

This week we bring to you something brand new that we have NEVER done before. Tune in to the first ever Beer Night Rewind Episode! Unfortunately this week ALL of the hosts are either out of town or can’t be in the studio – which sucks! – but to keep content coming we are giving a re birth to an old episode from our library and history. Tune in as we re-present to your our 70th episode ever. This is the episode that sent a shockwave through the community as we 1. Say goodbye to Ballast Point as this was the week they sold for 1 billion dollars. and 2. this is the episode were we coined the term Indie Beer or #IndieBeer for San Diego! This episode comes to you all the way back from November 2015 – Before Mike and Noah joined the show and when our original co host Dustin was still on the show. It also includes our original segment which has since been ended “New Beers of the Week”, we also present a segment we used to do called “Get Social” where we answer YOUR questions (Which is coming back in 2020) Tom gets in trouble at a local brewery and we get angry over pizza. Plus tons more. So tune in as we take you all the way back to November 2015 for a little piece of our history on the first ever Beer Night Rewind episode! Its a wildly good time, folks. Trust us!

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