Episode 266 – Northern Pine Brewing

This week, as we continue to support and promote local, independent beer, we sit down with Anne and Aaron Ortega and Bobby Parsons – Owners of Northern Pine Brewing in Oceanside. Tune in for an informative episode about breweries handling the pandemic and some great things coming from Northern Pine very soon.

We have a fun and informative episode for you this week. This week we are joined by Anne and Aaron Ortega and Bobby Parsons – The founder and operators of the great Northern Pine Brewing in Oceanside. Tune in as we hear the story of how Northern Pine came from a home brew team to commercial brewery, how a tragedy pushed them to make their dream a reality and we discuss their approach to beers as we sample 3 of their offerings. Plus, we also discuss how they have shifted their business during the pandemic and their plans moving forward including a very successful fundraising campaign to acquire a canning machine to continue providing beer to go to the public. We also dive into some of their future plans including a satellite tasting room in Del Mar, brand new packaged beer and tons more. We also discuss possible plans with CA pushing to reopen the state and where that may leave local, independent breweries when this officially happens and what we can expect, and of course how we can continue to support or favorite local breweries. All this plus much more including quarantine facial hair help, sharing beers remotely with brand new state of the art technology, pairing food and beer, local breweries stepping in to assist when needed and the spirit of collaboration, big beers as gateway beers, a historic brewing system and the scary truth that local businesses are facing during these closures. All this plus TONS more. Don’t miss this amazing episode with an amazing local brewery. **This is recorded virtually. Keep that in mind.**

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