Episode 275 – All My Best Friends Are HopHeads

Tune in this week as we sit down with two great beer friends of the show MJ (@BeerMadz) and Brianna (@BriannasBeerVentures) as we share some great beers, discuss their beer journeys, break down rumors on health and beer and tons more.

This week we are joined by a couple of our great friends – MJ (@BeerMadz) and Brianna (@BriannasBeerVentures) to chat, enjoy some great new beers and discuss some beer related topics. First, hear each of their beer journeys, how they found their way into the world of local, San Diego beer. We also hear a Day in the Life of a Cellarperson directly from MJ. We discuss favorite styles and how they guided us in our beer journeys. We dive into some local cider chat to hopefully learn more about the world of San Diego Cider. We discuss how they have been during Covid, some of the new systems in place they have been utilizing and what they hope to see stay when things are back to a sense of normal. We also sample the new ultimate San Diego Brewers Guild collab canned Double IPA and discuss the BEER Fund opened to support local businesses. Also, don’t miss out as we dive into some very important discussion about living with Type 1 Diabetes and how to live healthy as a local beer fan, and we break down some rumors around living with Type 1. All this plus much more including lots of lagers and pils are enjoyed, a new business idea is born, proper bottle share etiquette, motorcycle stories are shared, eating a hop pellet, seeking out great craft options when traveling, we discuss information about Pink Boots and the great things they do, Stone IPA trivia and tons more.

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