Episode 279 – Hazy Night with Pops

Don’t miss this weeks incredible special episode with a true guest of honor. We are joined by the one and only Steve Scoville, Father of our host Noah. Tune in as we celebrate Hazy Night in his honor and discuss his beer journey, his connection to the community and tons more. You don’t want to miss this electric episode.

This week we are so stoked to be joined by a super special guest – The Father of one of our hosts – Noah’s Dad Steve Scoville. To welcome him to the show we host Hazy Night – one of his favorite styles of local beer – and we sample numerous Hazy offerings both local and from out of town breweries. While we sample these beers, we dive into some hazy discussion including hops, yeast usage and we breakdown “mouthfeel” and what that means, and how it is achieved in hazy style beers. Plus, get to know Mr. Scoville’s beer journey as he takes us through how he found his way into the world of local, independent beer. Plus, hear some of their father and son journey into the world of beer including home brewing together, sampling beers together and growing within the local beer community. Of course, we also dive into everyone’s favorite beer segment – New Cans presented by Mike! All this plus much more including adoption papers are filed and Pops gets his first Funko POP as an extended member of the show, the original “influencer” history lesson, label buys, home brew stories, fruit beers, we discuss a new form of hop added to beer and break down what it is, does atmosphere influence the enjoyability of beer and tons more. Don’t miss out on this electric episode with a true guest of honor.

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