Episode 297 – New Year New Beers

Tune in as the BNISD crew rings in another new year of local beer podcasting with of course, some newly released beers. Plus, all new offerings of your favorite segments from each week along with some laughs and education. Tune in and Happy New Year!

The BNISD Crew is back for another year of local beer podcasting in 2021! This week, our first show of the new year the crew decided to bring new beers that have been recently released to share together and promote some newly released beers and discuss them, and discuss how you can get them and support. They also dive into the latest fan favorite segment Does He Noah Bout It, they get really fired up during the Scoville Unit (And even before the segment begins) and don’t miss a new approach to New Can Alerts with Mike. Also, don’t miss some shout outs and information about the upcoming International Womens Collaboration Brew Day for 2021, the release of a long awaited written segment amplifying voices in beer, a new tasting room opening in San Diego and hear all the details about the upcoming San Diego Beer dot News Awards happening in 2021. All this plus much more including dressing like 90s Seattle, Stay away from the news, finally meeting a listener, discussing label designers and artists and them getting credit for their work,”mascots” for beer brands, favorite candies and being MAD about mispronunciation on candy brands, Noah loses his rug and gets a swirly, wrong or changing names and tons more fun. Tune in to laugh and learn with BNISD as they crack open a new year with new beers.

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