Episode 298 – We Are Still Alive

Believe it or not, the BNISD Crew is back! Tune in this week as they join together over the world wide internet to sample some new beers, go through some segments and enjoy overall fun and good times. Tune in!

Whoa, look who is back! The BNISD Crew is back in the recording “studio” for another episode in 2021! After a few weeks off, unfortunately, a new episode emerges. Tune in this week as the BNISD Crew enjoys some new beers, they do a fun side by side of a highly sought after collaboration double can release and discuss a newly released year round canned offering. They also break down a very cool charitable effort from Rad Craft a Craft Beer Co-Op and discuss how you can take part. The crew also dives in to the legitimate dangers of the pandemic, Covid and send out a sincere warning for everyone to continue to BE SAFE! The crew also gets an update on not only Burgeon Beer’s the Arbor location, but we also hear how things have been for local breweries with the ever changing direction of the pandemic and rules. Of course, don’t miss the latest editions of two of the worlds favorite segments – Does He Noah Bout It Presented by Mike and of course they turn up the heat in The Scoville Unit. All this plus much more including the youth of PQ, humans vs lizards, Noah Barkley makes an appearance, comparing hop flavor profiles to candy, hear about the new BNISD OG Script Hat and tons more. Tune in for some laughs and some learning with the BNISD crew.

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