Episode 303 – We Go Where The Beer Flows

This week the BNISD Crew is back – Virtually – To sample some new cans from both San Diego and beyond, while discussing current events. Also, don’t miss a new Does He Noah Bout It and tons more. Tune in to laugh and learn with us.

This week the BNISD Crew gets together – virtually – to share some killer local and out of town beers and discuss all things SD Beer. Tune in as the crew breaks down their nightly beers, including beers from a brewery that hasn’t been featured on BNISD in many years. Also, the crew discusses the current state of life during the pandemic, life after the vaccine, when will we feel safe being out and about again and what lasting changes will we take with us when this ends. They also discuss some current events in SD Beer including the forced changing of a beer name, someone retiring from beer media and a killer new collab just in time for baseball season and opening day. Also, don’t miss a new special edition of Does He Noah Bout It followed by a new edition of the Scoville Unit. All this plus much more including sharing the rarest beers when one person can’t make it to the party, carpet home brew, low calorie beers, someone kills the lights on a host mid show, sleep overs in a brewhouse, baseball chat for opening day and opening week, looking up parents online and taproom safety protocols. Tune in to laugh and learn with your friends at BNISD.

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