Episode 305 – Lager Party in San Diego

The entire BNISD Crew is back together this week to celebrate lagers and pilsners. Tune in as they break down the style, variation of the style while sampling some amazing local and out of town cans. Plus tons more fun. Tune in to laugh and learn with us.

This week the entire BNISD Crew is back together in person – distanced and safe – to record a brand new style show. This week the group tackles Lagers and Pilsner night. Tune in to hear all about lagers and pilsners, available variations of these styles and the ones the crew reach for most often including which variation would be their “Island Lager/Pils.” Also, tune in as the crew discusses the latest San Diego tasting room opening, a local brewery ends their journey, a new brewing operation is currently in the planning stages and hear all about a new Beer Documentary and how watching it can help raise money to save the Rivers of America thanks to our friends at Rad Craft. All this plus much more including Noah’s vaccine celebration song, recording in the cold, going to fancy car washes, perfect candy and beer references, a full fridge of the same lager, beer trends, a host gets attacked by unknown wild life, water vs beer pong, best wings we have ever eaten, using hot granite stones to produce a “super boil” on a special lager, a brewery taking over IKEA and tons more. Tune in to laugh and learn with the BNISD Crew!

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