Episode 306 – Red Meat White Claws

Tune in to hear the BNISD Crew discuss current events, some beer news and discuss visiting a new tasting room all while enjoying some awesome new local canned beers. Tune in to laugh and learn with the BNISD Crew.

This week the BNISD Crew comes together to share multiple newly canned beers from around town while discussing some current events and beer topics covering both San Diego and elsewhere. Tune in as the crew samples great new local beers while discussing the release of a new Pink Books Beer, expansion from local breweries, a dumb dumb on the news says something ridiculous about “plant based beer” and even more. You will also get a deep look into a brand new tasting room now open. Plus don’t miss out on the latest edition of New Can Alerts when the crew shares some brand new upcoming cans to look out for. All this plus much more including Zoom etiquette, more vaccine talk, how and why we choose the beers we pick each week, coffee beers and the production of them, coconut beers, eating old shrimp again, beer related tattoos, thoughts on Red, White and Black IPAs, underrepresented areas of San Diego and tons more. Tune in to laugh and learn with us.

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