Episode 307 – Noah’s Candy Shop

Tune in this week as the BNISD Crew is back in person sampling killer new beers, discussing some upcoming events and hosting an on the fly candy and beer pairing sesh.

This week the BNISD is back in person minus one due to living that vax life. Tune in as the crew samples a wide array of new cans from both San Diego and beyond while discussing some current events. Don’t miss this fun episode as the BNISD crew visits the now open Noah’s Candy Shop for the first ever legit candy and beer pairing – which happens on the fly. Hear about a beer incentive program happening in another state for people getting vaccines, hear about a couple of awesome events coming to San Diego Beer in May and hear about a local home brewer who brought home a big prize for their home brew recipe. Also, as this episode was recorded on May 4th, don’t miss out on a special Star Wars edition Does He Noah Bout It! All this plus much more including vaccination experiences, hear about one of the BNISD hosts joining a fun podcast to do a California Brewery Draft, starburst jelly beans being elite, breaking down candy and beer flavors, Lady and the Tramp activities with friends and tons more. Tune in to laugh and learn with BNISD.

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