Episode 309 – Let Your Soul Glow

All FOUR hosts are back this week to share some killer new beer offerings, chat it up and have a good time. Tune on in to laugh and learn with BNISD! Plus a brand new Does He Noah Bout It!

This week the entire BNISD Crew is back together for a fun filled new episode to fill your week. This week the 4 hosts come together to sample some brand new offerings in the world of beer, including a couple crowlers from a brand new, very highly anticipated brewery in town. Also, if you heard our episode last week discussing the horrific stories in the beer industry, we continue the discussion by having Tom voice his thoughts (As he missed last week) and we share some information and news locally. Also hear all about some upcoming events that you might be excited about. Also, don’t miss a brand new edition of Does He Noah Bout It hosted by Mike. All this plus much more including voting for new beers, running for Governor of CA, renaming a city, witbier talk, Noah talks candy, IPA giving folks super powers, hear a showcase all about a newly opened (revitalized) brewery and tasting room, finding seltzer that we all enjoy big time, vintage movie theaters and tons more fun. Tune in to laugh and learn with us.

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