Episode 356 – Tom is the Way

Hey Now! Another new BNiSD is here for you! This week we are without Noah, but we welcome back the legend that is Tom! Tune in as we sample some beers and deliver a true, free form conversation episode. Tons of fun awaits!

This week BNiSD has a host swap, as Noah had to take a week off, but Tom is back! This week, we go back to the old school style of BNiSD with some free form conversation and an anything goes attitude. Tune in as we sample some new canned offerings including the return of the king, Sierra Nevada Summerfest. We discuss the future of Modern Times, we dive into some of the hardships happening within the industry and we discuss not only the history of our own show, but we also discuss the Stages of Grief around the beer industry, after being a media podcast for a decade. All this plus much more including the real reason we’ve been gone for awhile, Tom exposes a secret account, hear a wild news story out of Belgium, we discuss seltzers and which ones we might look for and tons more fun on this wild episode.

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