Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 201 – Extra Innings News Edition

Hey Now! We are back this week with Episode 201, and we break down some big news stories in San Diego beer in this edition of Extra Innings. A shorter version of our show, we dive into the recent news about both Benchmark financial issues as well as the announcement of Council outright closing its doors. We also sample beers from both spots, as well as discuss what the future may hold in 2019.


Hey Now! This week we are back with an Extra Innings edition of Beer Night in San Diego where we sit down to discuss some of the biggest news stories in San Diego’s beer community. This week we dive into the news stories which have rocked the local beer community – the closing of Council Brewing as well as the troubles and issues happening at Benchmark Brewing. Tune in as we break down the news occurring with both of the local breweries while we sample a couple offerings from both on the show. We also give some opinion on whats going on (of course) as well as discuss the possible future of local beer heading into 2019, plus tons more. (And yes, we are aware of new updates on these stories which will be updated on episode 202. Keep an eye out for that.) Plus, we break down an extra innings edition of New Can Alert! All this plus, our thoughts on if we have reached the peak in San Diego beer, we discuss the hated statement “bubble burst” and how much we dislike it, what can we possibly expect in the coming months, and through 2019 in regards to news like this and why supporting local and supporting Indie Beer is more important now than ever before. Don’t miss this weeks all news, short edition of our weekly beer podcast.

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