Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 239 – Fresh Hop Night in San Diego

The crew is back this week and joined by co-host Noah to celebrate Fresh Hop Night in San Diego! Tune in as we discuss history, process and tons more on fresh/wet hop beers while sampling a bunch of killer local options! Plus, we break down some upcoming collab events we are a part of, new Weird Beer Laws segment and tons more fun. This one is a heck of a ride, so strap in!

This week Mike and Noah are finally back on the show to celebrate Fresh Hop season with our annual Fresh Hop Night in San Diego! Tune in as we break down fresh hops, wet hops and some history while we sample a bunch of killer local fresh/wet hop beers. We also discuss some of the process of brewing with fresh/wet hop and tons more about one of our favorite times of year. Also this week, get a first hand look at this years GABF from Noah who was in the mix for the weekend and we get to sample the most instagrammed beer from GABF right here on our podcast. Also, hear all about 3 amazing upcoming events in San Diego beer, each of which BNISD crew will be a part of including Collabapalooza, Guild Fest and the SD Beer All Stars event at Longship. Get the inside scoop this week on the collaboration beers coming out from BNISD this Beer Week. Also, don’t miss out on a brand new edition of Weird Beer Laws presented by Noah! All this plus much more including the return of the celebration bowl, tensions flare as the dirt talk begins about the SD Beer All Stars event, more affordable pricing for beers, Brady Bunch references no one gets, a hosts secret talent is revealed, hell freezes over once and for all, threats are thrown out and tons more. This is one heck of a ride, so strap in and enjoy!

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