Episode 334 – The Return of BNISD

BNISD is *finally* back! After a scheduled holiday break and some unforeseen circumstances, we finally return. Tune in for some laughs and some great beer conversation. Hey now!

BNISD is finally back on the air! After some scheduled time off, followed by some (non-covid related) health situations – We finally get our first episode of 2022 into the world. Tune in this week as we sit down and sample/share some of the newest offerings in the world of beer – both from San Diego and from out of town. Plus, tune in as we share and discuss some of the latest news in the world of beer. All this plus much more including reaching for old favorites on beer shelves, we question if we remember how to even do a show, reaching too far into market with distro and different approaches from breweries on growth into new markets, missing out on cilantro, a bad experience with Mickey’s, Enjoying malt liquor, getting iced, beer nostalgia becoming a real thing and tons more. Tune in for some laughs, some beer info and of course, our first episode of 2022.

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