Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 249 – Brewbies and Bagby Beer

And were back! With a super duper sized first episode of 2020! This week we are joined by Melanie, founder of Brewbies, Shaney Jo, Founder of Keep a Breast and Dande Bagby, owner of Bagby Beer. Tune in as we discuss the upcoming Brewbies Festival and whats new with Bagby and their upcoming Bagby Fest. PLUS! Tune in to hear how YOU can win tickets to BOTH!

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Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 248 – An Abnormal Christmas

Ho-Ho-Hey Now! Dont miss our Annual Christmas Spectacular – Now bigger than ever! This week we ring in the official holiday season with the team that saved Christmas – Abnormal Beer Co! Tune in for incredible holiday fun with Nyle, Darrin and Paul for this years huge holiday extravaganza! And we MIGHT have a special guest arrive! (Its Santa.) Tune in!

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Beer Night in San Diego! Episode 202 – Winter Warmer Night

Beer Night in San Diego is back just in time for all your holiday traveling needs. Tune in to laugh and learn with us this holiday season as this week, we dive back into our style centric shows by celebrating Winter Warmer Night! We break down “what is a winter warmer?” while sampling a few. Plus, some local beer news, Small Brewery Showcase and tons more. Happy Holidays, everyone! Continue reading

Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 172 – For Whom the Beer Pours

Everyones favorite night is back – Beer Night in San Diego! This week we turn back the clock and focus on beers the old school way-Free Form! We sample new beers both locally and from other beer cities while we discuss some big news regarding local food and local beer. Plus we break down some fun talking points including beer at sports games, enjoying local food and tons more SD beer conversation. Continue reading

Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 159 – Hazy in the Streets Dunkel in the Sheets

Beer Night in San Diego is back! And this week our IPA-Hiatus is still in full effect meaning we are focusing on a specific style for educational purposes. This week we dive in to 3 – Helles Lagers, Dunkels and DunkelWeisse! Tune in to hear history of the style & we sample traditional and local variants. Plus we dive into some local news, and hear a new edition of Would You Rather? and Fact or Fiction LIVE! Continue reading

Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 154 – Oatmeal Stout Night

Beer Night in San Diego is back! This week we are back on our IPA Hiatus and focusing on non-hop forward beers for education on styles for us and the listeners. This week its Oatmeal Stout night. Tune in as we sample new and old school versions while discussing beer community news+we do the first EVER Instagram Live Game Show with listeners! Don’t miss out on this super fun show folks. Continue reading

Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 152 – Brewbies and Bagby Beer Part 2

Don’t miss Part 2 of our Annual Podcast with the great folks from Brewbies, Keep a Breast and Bagby Beer! This week, a continuation of last week, kicks off right where we left off, folks. Tune in to hear MORE great/exclusive news from Brewbies, plus hear about some of the incredible things happening at Bagby Beer in 2018. All this plus tons more. Definitely don’t miss out on this incredible finale, folks! Continue reading