Episode 341 – Getting Gucci

Tune in this week as BNiSD is joined by the one and only Joy Gelsomino – Manager of Burgeon’s Oasis location in Escondido. We sample some beers, we discuss beer topics and sneakers and get Gucci. Let’s go.

This week we are joined by longtime friend of the show and Manager of Burgeon’s Oasis location in Escondido Joey Gelsomino. Tune in as we sample some rad new canned offerings including some awesome out of town beers we were excited to try. Learn all about Joey’s path into the beer world, his advice for folks looking to dive into the industry and get an inside look at some back of house knowledge and draft systems. Also, hear about how the Oasis Beer Club at Burgeon Oasis came to be, and we discuss how to foster an inclusive community around beer. Plus, we discuss the recent Modern Times news and what could come of it, and hear all about an exciting anniversary party happening this weekend. All this plus much more including NSFW ratings, fruit in beers – particularly hoppy beers, going to one location over another, some sneaker and shoe talk, ballpark food, can wrappers with recycling and tons more fun. Tune in and get Gucci with BNISD!

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