Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 43 – Rip Current and ChuckAlek LIVE!

This week, we bring you a double live session from BeerCon 2014 featuring both Steve Zigray from Rip Current Brewing and Grant Fraley of ChuckAlek Independent Brewers. Only released on BandCamp until now, available on iTunes and Stitcher! Tune in to hear priceless information from two great craft beer guys in San Diego. Recorded live from BeerCon 2014!


In this DOUBLE LIVE episode we sit down with Steve Zigray from Rip Current Brewing in San Marcos AND Grant Fraley of ChuckAlek Independent Brewers located in Ramona. Steve hosted a panel on getting into the craft beer industry and we were lucky to tap into his knowledge and share it with you. Learn how he got into the San Diego craft beer scene, and hear his tips and information on how to not only break into this scene, but be highly successful after you do so. Grant did a highly anticipated panel where he shared his knowledge of cask conditioning and we ask him all about it. Hear him discuss his thoughts on the subject, how ChuckAlek makes it happen as well as his thoughts on Beer Con. Plus here whats new and going on out in Ramona. Sitting in as co-host for these live sessions is Tom Pritchard of Hoptology SD. Tune in to hear priceless information on how to get into the craft beer industry, brewing, home brewing and much more. Recorded live from BeerCon 2014.

ALL BeerCon 2014 LIVE podcast episodes are available on Bandcamp now. To learn even more about the craft beer community not only in San Diego, but anywhere, please give them all a listen. All 15 episodes are available now for 100% free download and streaming. Click here to check them out.


Opening track – “Relax” by Chess Wars. From their debut record, PEACE. Available now!

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