Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 48 – It’s The Citra Talking!

Don’t miss our latest episode where Cody and Tom sit down, taste and discuss craft beer and the beer world in general. Tune in to hear us discussing Pliny the Younger, bottle shop etiquette, craft beer and food pairings and much more. Plus hear an exclusive track from Austin band, Breathtaker. All this plus tons more beer talk reaching San Diego and beyond.

For this episode it is just Cody and Tom sitting in discussing craft beer to quite possibly the deepest level in our history. For a very rare guest-less episode, we decided to sit down together, sample multiple beers ranging from local, California and beyond. In this episode we also discuss the explosion and excitement for Pliny the Younger including our thoughts on the beer and some of the other great Triple IPA’s that we have had recently. We discuss beer and food pairings in depth including how we would pair craft beer with pizza and what makes a great craft beer and food pairing and listen as Tom’s mind is blown when the option of pairing meatballs and barleywine comes into play. Hear Cody tell a story about his beer past that he has never mentioned on the pod and how it relates to an otherwise unknown “brewery” that may or may not exist any longer. We dive into some of the things we have noticed since Alpine was purchased by Green Flash and our thoughts since it has happened. Hear us discuss bottle shop etiquette, finding “old” IPAs on shelves and how you as a consumer should combat this as well as the punishment by breweries for selling beer after its freshness date. Also hear the exclusive first release from Austin based band, Breathtaker off their upcoming record Revelations. All of this plus much more including our favorite pizza places in town, how salad bars suck and much much more. Plus, exclusive news based on Three B Zine Podcast and some upcoming exciting events where we will be recording live on location! Don’t miss out on this extreme craft beer related episode!


Opening Track – “Conversations” by Brothers Weiss. From their EP Conversations available now!

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