Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 55 – Pizza Port, Burning of Rome and Eukaryst – Part 1

Don’t miss our on location 2 part episode from Pizza Port Bressi Ranch in Carlsbad. Join us as we sit down with the Head and Assistant Brewer from Pizza Port Ocean Beach, a long time bartender from Pizza Port and members of their respective bands to discuss craft beer, music, passion and too much more to even list. If you love craft beer or music, this is an episode you can not miss.

In Part 1 of this 2 part epic, we are LIVE on location at Pizza Port Brewing Co. Bressi Ranch! Hear a day in the life of San Diego brewery employees, from head brewer and assistant brewer to bartender to people behind the scenes making things happen at one of San Diego’s most iconic and influential breweries – Pizza Port Brewing Company. We sit down with Ignacio “Nacho” Cervantes – Head Brewer of Pizza Port Ocean Beach, Gino Fontana – Assistant Brewer for Pizza Port Ocean Beach and Bassist in band Eukaryst, Joe Aguilar – Longtime Pizza Port Employee and Guitarist for Burning of Rome plus members of both bands. In this episode, learn the brew process for two Pizza Port beers – both of which named after bands also featured on this episode – and how these beers were made from idea all the way through completion including barrel aging. Hear about the passion these people hold regarding their individual and collective art forms, whether it be beer, music or otherwise. Get to know Nacho’s journey to becoming Head Brewer at Pizza Port Ocean Beach, and the steps and training he took to perfect his art in crafting some of the best beer in San Diego. He shares how he first tasted and started to learn what craft beer was and how he trained under some of the best brewers our city has ever seen. if you are a craft beer fan, you don’t want to miss this story. Learn about what fresh hopping means when it comes to IPA production as well as harvesting. Plus much much more including the behind the scenes story about the unknown character, Safety Clown, located at Pizza Port Bressi Ranch and too much more to list. Tune in for Part 2 next week!


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