Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 129 – Thr3e Punk Ales

This weeks Beer Night in San Diego comes to you LIVE from Thr3e Punk Ales in Chula Vista! Tune in as we sit down and get real with Steve, Kevin and Ivan. Hear about their history, whats coming next, their approach to introducing beer to their community plus tons more! Hear some big news about a possible Grand Opening, new crowlers, upcoming beers and TONS more! This is one you dont want to miss!


This week for Beer Night in San Diego we are coming to you LIVE from the tasting room of Thr3e Punk Ales in Chula Vista! Tune in as we sit down with Steve, Ivan and Kevin to discuss all things Thr3e Punk Ales. Hear the story and history behind the brewery and how they came from idea to where they are today, plus hear each of their stories on how they found themselves in the world of craft beer. The guys break down some of the beer styles we sample on the show and also hear why they opened with some of the specific styles they did. Hear their outlook on beer education for both brewers as well as their community. Hear about how locals in Chula Vista have felt about their opening as well as the reaction from locals on the craft beer community growing within the South Bay. Plus hear about how they and others in the neighborhood have worked to bring the community in to enjoy and embrace the world of craft beer. We also get the details on their brewing system and their brew process and hear about some of what is to come on that brewing system. Plus, hear about their upcoming Oktoberfest beer and their special BOOTs coming soon and hear all about their upcoming growlers and crowlers which will be coming soon. Plus, they break down the large price tag breweries must face to offer crowlers. Hear about how they got permanent taps into the airport and how it affects brewing schedules and what it means for their brewery, and hear about a specific beer style they will NEVER make. Plus, hear some exclusive big news about a possible upcoming Grand Opening, hear some plans for a back side patio and more about what is coming soon from Thr3e Punk Ales! All this plus much more including social media questions during Get Social, listeners get a special offer from Ivan plus he offers great life advice to listeners, deep V necks, English vs Hoppy Barleywines, a guest walks off the show for undisclosed reasons, their thoughts on beer/music collabs, bad burritos, a possible collaboration partnership comes to life and TONS more! This is one you do not want to miss.

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