Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 130 – Dubbel Vision

Beer Night in San Diego returns and this week its Dubbel Night! We sample multiple Dubbels from both San Diego and afar on this all Dubbel Beer Night! Plus, we break down some of the big news stories in town – Most of which come with exclusive news and statements thanks to some field reporting for the show! Plus, Fact of Fiction, Get Social and tons more! Education + Entertainment folks!

Beer Night in San Diego returns and this week its Dubbel Night! We sample multiple Dubbels – Both local and from afar – on this episode and we discuss some of the history and explain the style in an attempt to learn for ourselves as well as you our listeners! We also sample a couple other styles (non IPA) as well including some special gift beers from a good friend of the show. We also break down some of the big news stories from San Diego including a Head Brewer leaving San Diego altogether and we discuss a local brewery signing on to contract brew for a brand new business – And we have some exclusive statements directly from the folks involved with the deal. Also, hear about a brewery expanding into another state where we also got some exclusive statements regarding the story. Also, hear about a big anniversary beer/food/music event happening soon! We also share more exclusive field reporting news about a local beer show singing a big deal leading to some awesome expansion and more news. We also choose our theme for next weeks show while we continue the no IPA episodes. We also dive into a discussion point based on brewery and band collabs and our thoughts on these popular match ups. And of course, we discuss New Beers of the Week, we play a new version of Fact of Fiction and we dive into the social media mailbag when we Get Social. All this plus much more including introducing a “swear jar” but for IPAs, seafood disagreements, we discuss the difference between breweries expanding into other states that have sold out and ones that haven’t, we have our first can with “The Logo” on it and discuss our thoughts, Foreigner (the band) and music beer puns and so much more on this episode filled with education and entertainment!

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