Three B Zine Podcast! Episode 173 – Stout Night in San Diego

Beer Night in San Diego is back! This week were back into our weekly style shows, and for this episode we are focusing strictly on Stouts for Stout Night! Tune in as we sample a bunch of stouts, local and from afar and some classics and hear the history of American Stouts. Plus, hear news, upcoming can releases in town plus a new edition of Fact or Fiction LIVE! Tune in, folks!

Everyones favorite night has returned – Its Beer Night in San Diego! This week we are back on our weekly style shows and our pre chosen style for this episode is – Stout Night! Tune in as we hear some of the history of American stouts and proper food pairings while we sample some great local and non local stouts. We also dive into some local news stories happening here in San Diego. Hear an update on the Stone lawsuit with a big beer brand, we discuss a local brewery expanding into Los Angeles as well as a local brewer leaving town to take the helm as Head Brewer at a brewery in Ensenada. We also give some updates on Green Flash and their new CEO and what it might mean for the future of the brewing company. Plus, hear as Mike and the New Can Alert Robot team up to break down all the cool and upcoming can releases in San Diego’s beer community, and hear about Societe’s 6th Anniversary and the new beer debuting for the celebration. Plus, hear the official release dates, official name reveal and hops in our collab beer with Bear Roots in Vista. We also hear about a local spot changing its name and some of its focus for guests, and hear Ryan break down the new numbers on beer trends from the Brewers Association. Also, tune in to hear the latest edition of Fact or Fiction LIVE hosted by Tom! All this plus much more including an explanation on why we didn’t have the most well known stout from San Diego on this episode, (sorry), hiding in cold boxes on hot days, upping your social media game, Ryan attempts to shut down the news desk, fighting against cholula on tacos, Irish Carbombs plus tons more. Come laugh and learn with us, San Diego!

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